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LogP2P requirements

What you will need to run LogP2P

LogP2P will run on any X86 based GNU/Linux Box.

If it's on a switched network, LogP2P must operate as a gateway. Your kernel should be capable of ip-forwarding, it's a kernel option if you recompiled it or a kernel module that you should load if it's not automatically loaded at boot time.

You can activate gateway functionnality with :

echo "1">/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

Data storage

Storage is handled by the LogP2P server. LogP2P access a directory which is shared by an SMB server like Samba. That directory must be read/writable by all the Peer-to-Peer clients on the LAN. You must install Samba to operate LogP2P.

Network scanning

Network scanning is done via the PCAP library (libpcap) and it's Python incarnation pylibpcap. You must install both.

Images manipulation

Mainly thumbnails generation. Images manipulations are done by the Python Imaging Library. You must also install that library.

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