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@idounix announce LogP2P, the first software which identify illegal contents providers on Peer-to-Peer networks

Bordeaux, 2003/7/1. @idounix launch LogP2P after several month of research & developpment.

LogP2P is a joint effort of freelance developper Frédéric AIDOUNI with the support of Action Innocence Group. LogP2P allow perfect identification of illegal contents providers on Peer-to-Peer networks. Sources of illegal images, MP3, movies or software are tracked on Kazaa, Gnutella, eDonkey, etc...

Using their client Peer-to-Peer software, investigators can obtain detailled repport of traffic analisys with IP Adress, domain and country of the illegal files they download.

For three month, Bordeaux's Section des Recherches uses LogP2P with great results. Several europeens police agencies uses it with same kind of results.

About creators of LogP2P

Frédéric AIDOUNI is the founder of @idounix, a software company near Bordeaux, France, specialized in system and network software design using free software. After designed the kernel of LogIRC, an anti-pedophilia system for the IRC, he has designed LogP2P to fight child pornography on Peer-to-Peer networks.

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